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Curb appeal starts on the internet. The National Association of Realtors estimates that more than 90% of people shop on the internet for their next home (this may even be higher now). This is where first impressions are made, and as we all know, you have only one chance to make a memorable first impression. Proper home staging and a professional photographer create high quality, attention grabbing photos that will help generate interest in your home with potential buyers and other Real Estate Agents. If you don’t have appealing photos of your home on the MLS, your home may be dismissed with the click of a mouse.

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Home staging by Creative Touch Staging & Design is a crucial ingredient in the recipe for a successful sale.

The old maxim “location, location, location” as the only thing that matters when selling a home, no longer applies. Now we say “price, condition, location”. Buyers want a well-priced home in a good location that looks move-in ready. While we have no control over price or location, the home stagers at Creative Touch Staging & Design know how to add perceived value to a home and give it that magazine photo look in a cost-effective manner. We will accentuate the finest features of the home, creating a sense of warm welcome, comfort and a pleasing lifestyle. With desirable details highlighted, flaws are less apparent and buyers will be able to envision how they will enjoy living in the home and the value it will add to their lives.

Home staging is specific to the style of the house.

We only use furniture and accessories that are appropriate to the architectural style of the house. We have many styles and colors available to us. For example, we won’t use Traditional furniture in a Mid-Century Modern, or Victorian furniture in a Craftsman. We take buyer demographics and stylistic preferences for each area into account. Every item is chosen with an eye to accentuating the details, while keeping the home’s appearance accessible and attractive to the widest number of potential buyers.

We are dedicated to helping you sell your home faster and for top dollar. Call us today to discuss your staging needs 208-696-4383. 

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Dana Motta

Senior Design Consultant

“A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But, surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.” -Lois McMaster Bujold

Dana and her husband moved to Boise in June 2018 and it WAS love at first sight. Her background is a mix of 29+ years in sales, creating marketing material for new construction, floral design, party planning and wedding coordinating. Her passion is to help people see the beauty and create function within their own home that teaches them how to truly make it their happy place. She often says she was fortunate to have “checked every box” on her own wish list for a perfect dream home. Her ambition is to now help others find their dream home too.