Staging Consultation
Boise Home Staging and Design

Home Staging and Design Consulting Services For The Boise Area

We make your property look its best by ensuring prospective buyers see your home in the best light, so your home can find its new home.

Comprehensive Home Staging Consultation

Take a breath and relax! Let’s just have a chat while we tour your home together and discuss what needs to be done inside and what possible vendor services could help take your stress level down a bit. After our tour of about 30-45 minutes, informal photos are taken of the points of interest and a written report is created to use as a checklist to complete the needed tasks. All prep work can be completed by the home owner or you can hire Creative Touch to help do part or even all of it. Consultations with written reports are $150 flat rate. (A little more for travel time to outer locations). Any additional help from Creative Touch starts at $75/hr.

“You are a genius. I had no idea what to have done with that space!…Honestly, inspired. It was the funkiest area!”
Consult for Homeowner, Meridian

“(Homeowner) did exactly what you recommended and the home looks awesome! We got multiple offers and it sold for $6K over asking!”J.L., Boise Realtor