How to Modernize Your Outdated Home

The sight of an old house can be enchanting, but that is not the case for an old, outdated home. Having a property that looks antiquated doesn’t give a desirable impression. Sometimes it can make you feel reluctant to invite guests over for dinner. The cost of renovating and the mess after a major renovation […]

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Category: Staging developer October 26, 2020

10 Steps to Prepping Your Home for Sale

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1. Consider the curb appeal. Landscaping is nice, but not in everyone’s budget. At minimum, lawns should be freshly mowed, leaves raked, or snow shoveled. Consider a hanging or potted plant for the entrance. Sweep the porch, deck and all walkways, and ensure garbage and recycling are tucked neatly away from the front of the […]

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Category: News developer November 4, 2019

7 Important Repairs to Make Before Selling A House

As the saying goes….”A little goes a long way!” There are things about your home that you should consider long before home staging. Minor repairs can improve everything about your home sale! Not to mention, your out of pocket expenses are almost certain to be returned to you at a profit when your home sale […]

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Category: Selling developer June 14, 2019